Raku Pottery

“I love the excitement of the Raku firing process. It is elemental and climactic and thrills my artistic soul”
…Lynn Dee
After has many years of throwing and firing stoneware pottery in a large gas fired kiln, Lynn Dee returned to Raku, a more primitive type of firing.  She preferred to move away from the more predictable results of stoneware dinnerware and garden pottery.

The Raku vases and covered jars are all thrown with a white clay, containing sand. The sand makes the pieces stronger and able to withstand the shock of being pulled from the kiln, while still glowing red from the heat, and placed into a container containing hay and ferns from around the studio and smoked before being removed and allowed to cool either slowly in the case of the sculptures or more quickly with the covered jars and vases, which are plunged into water to cool and can be handled almost immediately.